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iJet Signs Pre-Purchase Agreement with Crisalion Mobility for 10 Integrity eVTOLs

We are delighted to announce that iJet has signed a pre-purchase agreement with Crisalion Mobility for 10 of their cutting-edge Integrity eVTOLs. These innovative aircraft, designed to transform urban air mobility, offer remarkable features: a capacity for 5 passengers plus a pilot, a range of 130 km, and a top speed of 180 km/h. Impressively, the Integrity eVTOL is 100% electric and boasts a low noise pollution level of just 45 decibels.

Starting in 2030, iJet will launch routes along the picturesque Costa del Sol using these state-of-the-art eVTOLs. Our routes will connect key destinations such as Malaga Airport, Marbella (a quick 15-minute journey), Sotogrande, Algeciras, Gibraltar, Ronda, and even extend to North Africa. These routes will greatly enhance regional connectivity, offering a fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly travel option.

The signing ceremony took place at the historic Aeronautical Museum of Malaga, a venue where the rich history of 20th-century aviation met the future of flight. The event symbolized the seamless blend of aviation's past and its promising future with the introduction of eVTOL technology.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Crisalion Mobility for their commitment to providing these advanced aircraft that represent the future of aviation and mobility. The Integrity eVTOLs will not only revolutionize our travel experiences but also contribute significantly to reducing our environmental footprint and improving quality of life across the region.

We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who joined us at the event, including the distinguished authorities and guests who made this occasion memorable.

iJet is thrilled to embark on this exciting journey and remains dedicated to delivering an unparalleled travel experience to our customers. Stay tuned for further updates as we move forward with this groundbreaking initiative.

Javier Barriga (CEO of iJet) and Carlos Poveda (CEO of Crisalion) together with the political authorities of the Government of Andalusia, the Provincial Government of Malaga and different localities of Malaga.

Event area

Senior management of iJet and Crisalion companies

Political authorities of the Government of Andalusia, the Provincial Government of Malaga and different localities of Malaga.

Javier Barriga and Carlos Povedo at the signing ceremony

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