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About us.

We are a team that mixes all the good that brings experience and fresh ideas into the corporate aviation world. Our clients and partners trust our operations thanks to our commitment to offer the best service in the most efficient manner. And we have achieved all this by following a simple single rule, demanding team players for a demanding market.

See our 2022 complishment

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Exclusive Collabs

Collaborations that make strong alliances; exclusive brands onboard our fleet makes the perfect pairing to success.

Exclusive Magazine

4 editions, +35 collaborations and more 2000 VIP viewers per year, Ikaros is the most exclusive way to promote a brand at 45.000 ft.

Ikaros 004 by iJet

iJet Services

We look after your aircraft on the ground and your passengers. At iJet Services we understand the importance of managing your aircraft. We offer our customers, hangar services, light maintenance, cleaning services, aircraft assistance. 

And of course, VVIP services for passengers and crew.

iJet Org.

Organization that wants to create a great impact on our everyday society are friends of the iJet group. We help them in every way possible to create a memorie and provide them with facilities to develop impacting projects.

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iJet Kids' Club

Onboard our fleet, we truly want the little one to feel that aviation excitement that we share. From staff and crew greeting to gifts and snacks onboard, the iJet family is always happy to have your kids flying around the world with us.

CO2 Reduction

We are constantly working with innovative and committed organization to overcompensate CO2 emissions. Through the Scanfert group and their Running Tide global ocean health program, we work with the most innovative technology to make our ecosystems balanced and healthy.

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