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At Ijet we fulfill professional advice about operating, managing or chartering your own fleet. Because managing an aircraft by yourself could become stressful, we offer recommendations based on deep insight into all your alternatives.



Which are your frequent routes? Long flights? Would you use large aircraft or short flights with smaller ones? Let us advise on the best aircraft that suits you.


Pre-delivery process 

We track every path of the process even before your new aircraft arrives, checking that everything is up to specifications.


Air operator certificate – AOC

The law requires an air operator certificate to operate any commercial aircraft.

Flight supports

Our operational team working 24/7 will dispatch your flight according to your needs, watching for the most cost-effective and safe route. 



Our largely professed crew keeps your aircraft in outstanding condition – and minimizes time-out with precisely listed conservation.


A monthly report is sent to each customer providing detailed information regarding all the activities and costs related to the budget.



Concierge is an elite service that helps you to make any reservation you may need, such as purchasing tickets to events, restaurant reservations, organizing dream vacations, arranging business activities around the world, searching for hard-to-find items, and purchasing and delivering special gifts.

Type analysis

What is the best aircraft to cover all your needs? We take care of every detail.



The finance part of buying an aircraft is no longer an issue as we work with the major financiers and can assist you in the financing process.


Civil aviation authorities/EASA compliance

It is essential for us to apply all the laws and air regulations in order to provide a secure and confident flight to all of our customers.



Human resources will also be taken care of. The crew is a very important part when you build a team around an aircraft and we manage the hiring and training for any aircraft.

Charter sales

Air Alsie may sell your excess capacity to the charter market to generate third-party revenue.



Working with international brokers and high-quality backers/ Lloyds syndicates, give us the opportunity to offer excellent services at a competitive rate.



We establish budgets for the management and operation of your aircraft based on our knowledge and experience, taking care of all the changes your aircraft or activity may need.

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